Saturday, September 23, 2006

Working Through iPod Woes

My iPod has been crapped out for several months and I’ve not taken time to try and get it running.  It won’t update, the Updater’s Restore function bugs out, and life is generally unhappy.

SpinRite is a killer disk tool for non-destructive, hard-core disk repair.  I’ve used it since something like its version 2.0 back in 1990.  It’s time-consuming, but it’s recovered data from drives I was certain were dead, and it’s ressurected drives I was certain were bound for the waste basket.

Unfortunately I’ve had bumpkis for luck trying to get it to run on the iPod via USB.  I’ve gotten boot disks built to recognize the iPod via USB, but SpinRite barfs and hangs despite my best efforts at tweaking CONFIG.SYS file settings.  (Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve done that!)

I’ve got a couple nifty adapters on the way to let me hook my iPod’s drive to an IDE connector, so I’m hoping that will let me get this thing back in working order!  I’ve got lots of road time back and forth from Cincinnati for work, so I’m desperate for some nice podcasts to listen to.  (Not to mention my cuts for The Black Keys, Longwave, Molly Hatchet, Prokofiev, and Gordon McRae, among others)

I knew there was a secret disk diagnostics menu around, but never could find it until I stumbled across this post at where I also found great info on the adapters for hooking up the iPod’s disk to my computer. 

Hopefully I’ll get this little beast back in working order quickly!

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