Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Video of .NET Rocks Testing Episode

Way back in November of 2011 I was manning a booth at DevConnections in Las Vegas. Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell got me on board for a .NET Rocks show to talk about my new position at Telerik, why Test Studio is awesome, and a lot of discussion around keeping your test suites maintainable.

We ended up having to re-record the .NET show; however, the great folks at Grape City (now part of ComponentOne) got a video of the show. I hadn’t realized they posted it, or more likely Russ told me and I totally forgot about it… Regardless of the why, I just stumbled across the recording last night and thought I’d point readers to it.

The audio’s got some crowd background noise, but the video turned out pretty well despite all the noise from the very crowded vendor hall.

We covered a very wide range of topics during this chat. I hope I managed to convey the importance of keeping everything around testing focused on informing stakeholders informed about risk in the system.

One note: at about the 9:00-ish point, Richard or Carl asked me about breaking tests out into parallel chunks. I went off on using one browser session over several tests, but that sort of missed the point. Yes, you can and should parallelize when possible!

I hope you enjoy the talk, even if it is a couple years old.

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