Saturday, September 02, 2006

Multiple Monitors, Multiple Systems

I’ve got four systems hooked together through a Belkin KVM switch (fair at best, BTW), and I’m actually able to get two of them in a dual-screen setup.  The middle screen is the one shared via the KVM switch.  My main dev box, one I built last year when I started Iterative Rose, ties the middle and left monitors together.  My nice laptop from NuSoft is on the right and is tied with the middle monitor.  That setup isn’t the best since resolutions differ, but it’s a lot better than a single monitor!

Yes, yes, my workplace setup sucks, but sometimes you just have to put up with lousy stuff for the short-term.  (OK, “short-term” has been the case for six years…)  The current workspace, as you can see, is a hodgepodge of hacks trying to keep it as ergonomically friendly as possible.  The entire setup is due for a replacement in a month or so, and the new setup is going to be seriously cool.

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Jeff Handley said...

Have you looked at using something like Synergy ( This lets you mimick dual monitors with multiple machines... slide off the edge of the screen and it transfers keyboard and mouse events to another computer.

I used VNC/Win2VNC to do this for about 10 years and I recently switched to Synergy.

On my desk at the office I have 2 workstations + my tablet. I use 1 keyboard and mouse to control all three. At home, I have 1 desktop with dual 19" CRTs + my tablet, and same thing.

You might be able to use Synergy in conjunction with what you have going. Synergy lets you copy and paste text, rich text and images from machine to machine, which is sweet... esepecially fun for screen shots.

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