Monday, September 25, 2006

Tell Me Again How Firefox is More Secure?

Via Slashdot, an interesting article on the number of security vulnerabilities in Firefox and Internet Explorer.  I luvs me Firefox, but have never, ever bought the argument that it's a much more secure browser than IE.  Firefox is great stuff, but its marketshare, and corresponding exposure to hackers, has been much smaller than IE's.

As usual, the commentary from ABM (Anything But Microsoft) folks in the /. community is pretty hysterical.  There are an amazing amount of excuses for Firefox's numbers in the Symantec study.  Dudes, be honest about your (and my) browser of choice: it's a great tool, but it's not some Holy Grail or universal panacea.

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Dianne said...

Have you tried Flock yet?

I just installed it this morning. Not sure if I will like it more than Firefox, but I'm checking it out.

BTW, I think that a key in securing Firefox is with some of the extensions. I LOVE my NoScript and SiteAdvisor extensions!

(I'm sure it comes as a huge surprise to you that I use firefox too ... LOL!)

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