Saturday, August 11, 2012

Are You a Geek In Dayton? Fill an Opening with the Dayton .NET Developers Group!

The Dayton .NET Developers Group has a need for an enthusiastic person to step up and help lead the group. It’s time for me to step aside after seven or so years with the group, and the current Board of Directors is looking for someone to fill the soon-to-be empty position.

Helping run the DevGroup is a great experience. It’s a couple hours a month of your time, but you’ll get to meet a lot of great folks, and you’ll get some tremendous satisfaction in knowing you’re helping people make tremendously positive impacts in their careers through networking and skills development.

Moreover, as part of the group’s leadership you have an active hand in determining what the group’s direction for topics and special events is. That’s pretty exciting stuff! You’ll also build out your network of contacts to include speakers, sponsors, and companies at the regional and national level.

A few of the things you might be involved with during a regular month:

  • Helping run the monthly meetings (raffles, meeting logistics, greeting, etc.)
  • Helping plan out future topics
  • Helping locate speakers for future meetings
  • Helping grow the group’s membership through drives, media contacts, etc.

Getting involved with running a user group is an extraordinarily rewarding experience. You’ll make a lot of new friends and contacts throughout the Heartland region (or farther afield!), you’ll get even more exposure to career-broadening ideas, and you’ll get opportunities you never imagined. I’d never have started my speaking “career” were it not for having to jump in to fill a meeting when the planned speaker had to reschedule at the last minute. Somehow the group survived me…

Interested, or know someone who’d be a good fit? Drop me a mail via the contact link at the blog’s upper right corner.

Get involved! It’s totally worth it.

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