Friday, September 01, 2006

Thumbing One's Nose at Read-Only PDF Forms

Hah!  I scoff at the asinine folks at the Ohio Secretary of State's office who made their PDF form for Articles of Incorporation a read-only form.  Who the heck thinks it's useful to create such a form, then disallow saving of it? 

Frankly, I think it's another one of Ken Blackwell's rotten decisions, which is among the reasons I won't vote for him come the Govenor's election in November.  (Yes, I'm absolutely sure he personally came into the SOS office, right after repressing Democratic voters across the state in the 2004 election, and said "Hey, I really dislike that Holmes guy over in the Dayton region.  Make this form read-only so he can't save all the effort he put into filling it out.")

OK, so maybe there are some reasons why PDF forms should be read-only, but I can't think of any right now

But back to the main point of my post: Foxit Reader is a killer replacement for Acrobat Reader.  Small, stable, free, and with lots of nice features like filling out text on plain ol' PDF forms.  The smart folks at Foxit have gone one better in their beta 2 version: you can fill out and save PDF forms which won't save in Acrobat Reader.

Three cheers for Foxit!

You can find v2.0.0609 on


Unknown said...

(round of applause)

When I seize power and crown myself Empress of Ohio, you can take charge of decisions like this, and have all such fools beaten ruthlessly with monitor cables.

Jim Holmes said...

Empress of Ohio? That's got a nice ring to it. I'm fine with it as long as you leave my guns and whisky alone.

Oh, wait. No guns. You can't take my single malt, though, or I'll revolt.

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