Friday, September 01, 2006

Clearing Out The Bookshelf

It's time to get rid of a few older, unused books from the shelf so I can make room for more books which will sit around, rarely used while they gather dust. 

Truth be told, I'm actually pretty good about keeping only books which I get some value out of on a regular basis.  I tend to keep two categories of books: long-term methodology-based books like DeMarco and Lister's Peopleware or MacGuire's Writing Solid Code, and short- to mid-term technology books like James's Visual Studio Hacks or Hiller's SharePoint.

The five books purged this round and headed for our library's book sale are:

  • Friedl's Mastering Regular Expressions.  First edition -- I've had this great book for eight or nine years.  The only reason it's getting replaced is because I've gotten a copy of his just-released fourth edition.
  • Learning Perl.  This hurt to pull off the shelf because I love Perl's simplicity and elegance.  Perl source code can also quickly get the appearance of garbled modem traffic.  (You young whippersnappers probably don't even know what modems were, you lucky saps.)  I haven't written any Perl in years, so it was time to go.  I may reapproach Perl again for its ease when writing website hacking tests.  (See Writing Secure Code, 2nd ed. for examples of that.)
  • .NET Framework Essentials, 1st ed.  Outdated, time to go.
  • C# Essentials, 1st. ed.  Ditto on this one.
  • SGML for Dummies.  I despise the "for Dummies" series.  Why the hell do I want to buy a book whose cover insults me before I even open it up?  The few books in this series that I've browsed through all seemed vapid and shallow.  The only reason I bought this particular book was because I was less than intelligent on SGML and a colleague said he'd had good luck with this title.  Good intro, good info on SGML; however, I've been away from SGML for several years and won't be going back.  (I hope I hope I hope I hope.)

So that's my dirty laundry heading for the local library's used book sale.  Got any unused titles on your shelf you're willing to fess up to?


Unknown said...

Ooh, where/when's the sale? I have an urge to take some of those. The Montgomery Co. library doesn't seem to do booksales, so I made a BookMooch page, but if they don't move, maybe I should take them to Greene Co.

Jim Holmes said...

The sale is this weekend!

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