Monday, March 31, 2008

ArcReady: Architecting for Scalable and Usable Web Applications

Get ready for the next round of ArcReady sessions!  Brian Prince and the other evangelists will be putting on another great ArcReady event this quarter.  Events are all over the central region -- check out the calendar at

Two different sessions are offered during this half-day, FREE event: Architecting for scalability, and architecting for usability.

I'll be attending the one in Columbus on 4/29.  Hope to see you there!

Friday, March 28, 2008

See You At the MVP Summit?

I am very excited that I'll be attending the MVP summit in Redmond in a few weeks!  I was not able to attend the last one so it's a thrill that I'll be out there drinking the Kool-Aid for this one.

There are a passle of things I'm looking forward to getting involved with during the summit, and I'm stoked that I'll be able to connect with a bunch of folks who I've read about, but haven't had the opportunity to meet before.  (And catch up with friends like Sara, Phil, and a few others.)

Drop me a line via the contact link if you're going to be in Redmond that week and would like to hook up!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day of .NET Session List Posted!

The Central Ohio Day of .NET is being held 19 April at the Roberts Center in Wilmington, on I-71 just south of I-35.

Check out the killer list of sessions for this free event!

What?  You’re STILL not registered?  Go register right now!  (Share the love with your friends, colleagues, and neighbors via this easy-to-remember Shrinkster link:

I’ll be giving my Story Driven Testing gig, once again spouting my love for Fitnesse.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tech Night: ASP.Net MVC Framework

Quick Solutions puts on monthly Tech Nights which are open to all interested folks.  Tech Nights are not sales events -- they're put on by geeks, for geeks.

This month's event will cover the ASP.Net MVC Framework.  Tim Wingfield will be discussing what the MVC framework's about, why you should care, and how to go about running with it.

If you're not familiar with the goodness of the MVC/MVP approach to cutting code, you really should attend.  MVC/MVP is a fantastic way of improving your software's flexibility, maintainability, and testability.

If you are familiar with MVC/MVP then you ought to attend and see what's new, as well as lending your $0.02 from your experiences.

Details on the event:

Where: QSI Training Center
    440 Polaris Parkway, Suite 500
When:      Wednesday, March 26, 2008
    5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
RSVP: Natalie Marsch --  nmarsch AT quicksolutions DOT com

You can also ping me via the contact link on the right sidebar of my blog.

Friday, March 07, 2008

DevCare Slide Deck

I mentioned earlier that I presented at a DevCare last week.  The topics were How Hackers Hack (and How to Stop Them) and Building Office Applications with Visual Studio 2008.  A number of attendees asked for everything from the slide deck to the entire VPC used for the demos.

I've asked what I can release, but I haven't gotten official word yet.  Therefore, I'm taking the "Forgiveness is easier to get than permission" tack, ergo I've posted the slide deck up at my website.

I'll pass on the word when I find out about the demo code and other example materials.

MOSS Search Setup Errors

I was running in to a problem configuring the Search Service on a MOSS install today.  Trolling through the logs showed an error "The call to SearchServiceInstance.Provision <xxxxxxx> failed."

Stupidly, I'd forgotten to qualify the account names for the Search Service and Search Content Access with the local system's name, i.e. "MossSystemName\MossSearchSA".  Yet another case of idiotic error handling in SharePoint helping me to shoot myself in the foot.

What's ironic is that just a couple months ago I had to keep reminding a client to add that system name to this field -- and here I am doing the same thing today.  Duh.

(And of course Sahil posted on this too some time back.)

Shout Out: New PowerShell Book

Hristo Deshev, one of the contributors to my book, has just gotten his own great-looking PowerShell book published: Pro Windows PowerShell.

I’ve not read the book yet, but I can heartily recommend it despite that because the articles Hristo wrote for Windows Developer Power Tools were sheer gold: great technical content and an amazingly clear style. (How can a Bulgarian writing in a non-native language understand the subtleties of semicolons, for crying out loud?!?)  Also, the table of contents for Hristo’s book looks to cover a broad range of terrific topics.

Congrats, Hristo!  I look forward to digging through the book!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

DevCare Security & Office Development Follow Up Info

Last Friday I gave a DevCare presentation in Columbus on How Hackers Hack (and How to Stop Them) and Building Office Applications with Visual Studio 2008.

Several folks asked me for the deck and demo code -- I'm still waiting on word for release of that.

In the meantime, here are the Shrinksterized links I mentioned in the talk:


Thanks to everyone who attended!

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