Monday, March 31, 2014

My New Job: ALM & Testing at Falafel Software!

Today is my first day at Falafel Software. I’m extraordinarily happy to be on board with Lino and his great crew of people!
I’m Falafel’s new Vice President for ALM and Testing. This means I get to focus on things in my wheelhouse: helping organizations and teams improve their processes, not just around testing, but across the entire delivery chain: envisioning, prioritization, building/testing (THEY’RE THE SAME THING), and final delivery.
A major part of my work will continue to be around test automation, but I’ll be broadening out to help teams figure out what tools best meet their needs: WebDriver, TFS, SmartBear, Telerik, etc. And of course, in line with my general philosophy, testing is NOT just about tools.  Ergo, I’ll be helping teams understand where automation fits in and doesn’t. I'll be helping teams build up their testing skills, not just automation skills.
This is a great opportunity for me, and I’m thankful to the Falafel team for bringing me on. It’s going to be an exciting role!
(Are you or your organization looking for something alongthe lines I mentioned above? Ping me and let’s see if I can help! Jim AT

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