Tuesday, October 11, 2005

SiteMeter Global Map: Cool Stuff

I use SiteMeter for stats on this blog.  I’ve always joked that my blog’s read only my Mom and some guy in Pakistan who accidentally subscribed to my feed.  SiteMeter’s statistics are a great way to prove/disprove that assertion.

One absolutely shiny thing about SiteMeter: their global map.  The map shows you where in the world folks are hitting your site/blog/whatever from.  The map below shows more folks than my Mom are indeed visiting my blog — unless Mom’s doing a Where In The World Is Matt Lauer or similar gig.

Clicking on any dot will bring up a page showing all kinds of cool info on who stopped by your site.  You get referring URLs, browser specifics, lots of cool stuff.

SiteMeter’s basic stats (which I use) are free.

<disclaimer>I don’t get any bucks from SiteMeter.  I just think their service is cool.  Amazing what powerful stuff is available on the web for free.</disclaimer>


Now Playing: Screaming Future Axe Murderers — Xylophone and Pennywhistle Insanity.  Good thing it’s nearly bedtime for my kids.  Then this music will stop and I can relax with a cup of this and get some more work done on NHibernate.

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