Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Setting up a Non-Profit Organization

We’re moving the Dayton .NET Developers Group to non-profit status to make it a bit more attractive for other organizations, individuals, and companies to donate goods or services to us.  (Most straight cash support can be written off a business’s marketing effort expenses.)  Bob Sledge, our group’s new Treasurer, has been finding lots of great reference links.

Here, in no particular order, are some great helpful links:

I’ll post up other bits and pieces as we continue down this road.

Now Playing: Beck — Odelay.  I saw these guys on Letterman the other night and thought they were pretty cool.  I also nabbed “Black Tambourine” which they played on Letterman.  Pretty funny to have found these folks on that show — I never, and I mean never watch Letterman since I’m either at my computer working or heading for much needed sleep.  Dunno if I’ll like this music in a month or so, but it’s different and cool right now.

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