Monday, October 24, 2005

Great Online Sci-Fi Resource

Baen books, home of books by incredible authors like Kieth Laumer, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, David Drake, and 15 or 20 other wonderful scribes, has a passle of their classic books available online for FREE. 

Check out their library here, and be sure to read Eric Flint’s thoughts about online piracy and why Baen has put so many great titles up.  The draconian fools in the recording industry ought to pay attention to Flint’s thoughts that “ Any cure which relies on tighter regulation of the market — especially the kind of extreme measures being advocated by some people — is far worse than the disease.”  Maybe they’d stop prosecuting 12 year olds for downloading music and open up a better economic model.  And maybe monkeys will fly out … 


In any case, check out the library.  They’ve also got downloads for various readers, which makes it even better!

I’d run across this some years ago, but had forgotten about it until I saw a reference on Instapundit today.

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