Friday, October 07, 2005

More on NHibernate: Good Explanatory Article

NHibernate’s documentation, as politely as I can put it, leaves a lot to be desired.  Maybe folks who are more smarter than I am can decypher the information, but I’m finding it nearly useless for figuring out how to get some functionality working.

Justin Gehtland wrote a great NHibernate article on TheServerSide.NET.  Good diagrams, pretty clear explanations.  This article cleared up the discriminator element’s function — the NHibernate dox were useless blabber.  The discussion of one-to-many and many-to-one relationships is also good.

Now Playing: The Fabulous Thunderbirds — Walk That Walk, Talk That Talk.  I really dig whatever label you want to put on this genre.  Rockabilly, Texas Rock, Just Plain Good Tunes.  I’ll count The Mavericks in this same arena, although their lyrics are usually just a couple short bits repeated over and over.  In any case, the T-Birds are good stuff.

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