Wednesday, October 19, 2005

NHibernate Associations

Looking for good documentation in NHibernate’s help files on associations (relationships between objects) ?  Here’s what you’ll find in the NHibernate Documentation file, right after the text that says “Association mappings are often the most difficult thing to get right. In this section we'll go through the canonical cases one by one, starting with unidirectional mappings…”

Nice, huh?  Check out the Hibernate dox, even though Hibernate’s a Java project.  The concepts seem to be pretty clear and I’m hoping I’ll be able to translate things to NHibernate without too much trouble.

Now Playing: The Corrs — In Blue.  I was looking for Celtic pop.  This may be a little too dance music-ish for me, but the harmonies seem nice.


Matt said...

Broken link... please update

Jim Holmes said...

Here's what I found with 20 seconds of searching at the Hibernate site:

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