Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rhapsody: Terrific Music Service!

I’ve been griping about all the money James has been costing me via his music recommendations.  Now he’s gone and made a recco which will not only save me significant bucks, but allows me to check out scads music I haven’t had the opportunity to before: Rhapsody online music.

Rhapsody’s “Unlimited” service costs $10 per month, but gives you unlimited browsing of their huge online library — something like over 1 million songs.  I think their UI is a bit sucky, and it’s a performance hog on my older, slower PC (1.3Ghz, 512MB RAM), but the service itself is incredible.

In the three days since I signed up I’ve been scattered all over the music dartboard: Springsteen’s Born to Run and The Rising, The Who’s Quadrophenia and The Kids Are Alright, Dengue Fever (Cambodian rock), The Clash’s Give ‘em Enough Rope, Knickelback, Sigur Ros, The Kinks, Drive By Truckers, Coldplay, and about 20 other interesting things I can’t remember.  (One of my gripes is the lack of a useful history indicator in Rhapsody’s UI.)

This really is great stuff, because for $10 per month I’m able to chase down all kinds of stuff I never would have looked at before.

The final drag is that they’ve got nada, zilch, zero Tubes in their library.


<disclaimer>I get no money or any comp from these folks.  They’ve no clue who I am. I just like the service!</disclaimer>

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