Saturday, October 29, 2005

NHibernate & Hibernate Dox

I’ve said it before: NHibernate’s documentation sucks.  It’s written in a confusing fashion and there are numerous sections still unwritten.

Make sure to check out the Hibernate documentation page here.  It’s very clearly written, has a consistent example carried through the sections (so far, at least), and most importantly, discusses all the schema elements and attributes.  There are also very good explanations of the various relationship types (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, etc.) and how to implement them.

Sure, the documentation is Java-centric, but the concepts are explained so clearly that it’s easy to mentally translate over to C#.

Now Playing: The Who — Face Dances. This is somewhat popish, especially when you compare it to their older work, but I love it for one reason: Townsend’s amazing guitar work, especially the simple, clear riffs on Don’t Let Go the Coat.  Another Tricky Day is full of more great stuff, too.  Something else has amazed me over The Who’s long career: the utterly crisp clarity of the recordings of theirs I’ve heard.  The coin dropping and footsteps in The Music Must Change (Who Are You) has stuck with me since I first heard that albumn when it was first released way back when.


Nick Christy said...

I agree 100% about the lacking documentation. It doesnt get much better for hibernate. That page is by far the best. Still not great. Here is the problem I run into though, how much of the documentation problem is nhibernates and how much is microsofts? A lot of the issues that I have had with nhibernate can be traced directly back to me either a) not fully understanding how .net 2005 works b) .net 2005 not being fully implemented, or c) .net 2005 just being quarky. Where is the common thread? Now that being said, I have had issues with hibernate in the past, and trouble debugging those issues so its not all .net...

Just my thoughts~!

Asava Samuel said...

This is WAY easier to use than NHibernate:

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