Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Joys of Crashing Software

Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 was always tetchy on my system.  It was very grumpy with one particular solution I’m working on, less so with others.  I was very happy to get the real release from MSDN’s download section when VS went live.  I ran the B2 cleanup tool, installed the live release, and poof!  Now I get a crash every time I exit Visual Studio, regardless of the project I’m working on.

Every time.

That’s an annoying pain in the keester, but I could live with it.  Today I just found a showstopper: I can’t open an aspx file in a project James created.  VS crashes immediately no matter if I try opening the file in design or code view.  I deleted the file from the project, added it anew, and am still having the same problem.

This sucks.

There have been lots of rants at various spots around the Internet complaining about Microsoft shipping VS2005 too early.  I’ve been open minded to the situation, understanding that a company has to make tough choices about when to release huge, complex software systems.  Maybe I’m a little less open minded now.  Grumble.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

I'm a tester on the VS Core team. Having VS crash on you upon every shutdown is totally not acceptable. Please file a bug report at Product Feedback Center located at

Also, when you file the bug report, please send us the Crash ID from the Watson dialog (the dialog where you can send the crash feedback to Microsoft - please hit Send Feedback to send us the stack trace). You can find this Crash Id from the following steps:
1. From Start - Run dialog, run "eventvwr.msc"
2. Open the "Application Log" node.
3. Look for the newest event with Source="Microsoft Development Environment" and Event="1--1"
4. Open that event and you'll see "Bucket" followed by the crash ID number we're looking for

Also, please open a second bug report for the aspx file along with the Crash ID.

As for a workaround, unfortunately, i'm thinking that some Beta 2 components didn't get completely uninstalled. The Visual Studio Setup Forums has a good summary of all tips and tricks located at

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.


Jim Holmes said...

Hey there Sara. You certainly don't have to introduce yourself here -- I've been a fan of your blog for some time!

Thanks for the tips on filing a report. I've been fooling around with my configuration today and it looks like one of the various add-ins I've got may be the source of the problem. I wanted to get that info ironed out before proceeding further.

Your comment's such good advice that I'll point to it from a separate blog post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Since it doesn't look like trackbacks are enabled, I want to close this thread by linking to Jim's next couple of posts where he discovers that it is an Add-in issue and gets VS 2005 working.


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