Sunday, January 14, 2007

Windows Developer Power Tools: Tools Day

James and I are having an official launch day for Windows Developer Power Tools: Friday, 19 January.  I’ll be at CodeMash and will be carrying along a number of books to give away at the launch.  I’ll be running around the halls helping put the conference on, but will also be spending time at the NuSoft Solutions booth where I’ll be putting on a few Grok talks and otherwise hanging out.

To help promote the book the very smart folks at O’Reilly came up with a terrific idea: Windows Developer Tools Day.  The idea is to ask bloggers post about their favorite tools on Friday, 19 January.  The tools don’t have to be ones in the book, just tools that help you get things done during your development work.  It would be nice if folks mentioned the book as they’re writing their post, but they certainly don’t have to — but you should mention that the post is part of Windows Developer Tools Day.

Write your post and then send off an e-mail with your post’s URL to Kathryn Barrett at O’Reilly (kathrynb AT oreilly PERIOD com).  She’ll post your URL and a short blurb from your post at the O’Reilly Windows Developer Center.

The folks at O’Reilly may even be able to work out some sort of contest for bloggers who contribute to Tools Day, but that’s still unclear at this point.

Got a favorite tool you love?  Write about it on Tools Day (next Friday)!

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