Monday, January 29, 2007

WinDevPowerTools Rollout, the companion site to our book Windows Developer Power Tools is now up and running with some actual functionality behind it!

James has handled the envisioning and implementation for the site, and he’s done a wonderful job.  The site lists all the tools in the book plus a few we had to drop for various reasons.  We’ll be adding more tools as the site continues to grow.

What’s really cool about the site is that you can create your own “toolbox” listing the tools you currently use.  You can create a blog badge to link back to your toolbox and show off the neat gadgets you’re making use of.  You can also cast votes for tools you love, sort of a “tool love” thing.

James got some great features in this initial release, and we’ll continue to roll out new features over time.

Check out the site and let us know what you think!

(We’re still adding tools from the book to the list.  I just finished up RSS Toolkit, which is tool 25 out of 170… It will take a few more days to get the tool list completely loaded up.)


Michael Letterle said...


Went ahead and posted a review of the site on my blog. I see possibilities. Definitely a cool idea. I get some funky page layout issues now and then in FireFox, but for a site just starting, very nice. :)

Matt Casto said...

I created my profile!

I can't wait until more of the tools that I use are listed on the site. In fact, it would be great if I could enter the details of tools that I use, even if they aren't listed yet, or if they weren't covered by the book.

I don't know if this is in the works, but it would be nice if I could add a comment for each tool, instead of just being able to add tags.

One last thing, I messed up when adding a tag (didn't put quotes around a two work tag) and now there's no way for me to remove the wrong tags.

Jim Holmes said...

Michael: We're tracking down that irritating, intermittent Firefox issue. Intermittent problems stink.

Matt: We're working on enabling users to add comments or remarks. We'll also have forums where you can discuss tools, and believe me, we'll certainly have tag cleanup capabilities -- I've munged up several during entry already!

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