Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Windows Developer Power Tools Book Launch!

Windows Developer Power Tools has shipped, in case you missed my other post.  You may also have read a post or two about CodeMash on this blog of late.

How about combining the two?  Go register for CodeMash, then stop by and see me at the booth my company NuSoft Solutions is sponsoring at CodeMash.  I’ll have a couple boxes of the book to give away as part of O’Reilly’s launch of the book — but frankly I’d just be tickled to gab with anyone who actually reads my blog!

On a related note, I got a copy of the book’s press release today, and I got a terrific hat with the logo “O’Reilly Author” on it yesterday.  For whatever reason, those two things made this whole book thing seem much more real than getting the actual books delivered on the doorstep.


Michael.NET said...

Ooooh, oooh....will they be signed?

Jim Holmes said...

"Signed"?? I'd be happy to sign them -- just don't hold any false expectations about that giving the book some extra value!

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