Friday, January 26, 2007

Silly Installation Programs

OK, I’m already narked that Microsoft waited several months after SharePoint Server 2007 RTM’d to release updated SDK documentation.  Now I’m really narked that the install program doesn’t ask you where you’d like it installed.  Instead it seems to arbitrarily pick a drive to toss the “Windows SharePoint Services Developer Resources” directory on.  This time it decided to throw it out on the external USB drive I use for backups.

Note that I don’t carry that drive with me, which means I wouldn’t have access to the SDK when I leave home for work.  Which is nearly every day.

Oh, by the way, the folks who built this install package also made another nice choice:  they don’t tell you where their materials landed! 

If you create install packages for software, please take note of a couple things which ought to be common sense, but are far too often not:  1) Most users at least want an option to specify where stuff lands.  2) Even more of those most users would like to know where that stuff lands if you won’t let them decide.

(I later found that the WSS SDK will let you specify a path on the command line.  Ooops.  Still, shouldn’t that be part of the UI to prompt for that?  Yeesh.)

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Gabriel Lozano-Moran said...

I have read that the bits will be installed on the last available drive which is sick.

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