Thursday, January 18, 2007

CodeMash: The First Day

CodeMash has been great so far, at least from the perspective of we folks on the organizing committee.  Very few hiccups, all easily handled.

Last night started out with a panel discussion moderated by Bruce Eckel with luminaries like Neal Ford, Bill Wagner, Jay Pipes, James Wolf, and somebody else who I’ve forgotten (sorry!).  It was a pretty amazing bit of great mindmeld info getting tossed about — and some very good insights on a whole lot of topics.

Today I sat in on a bit of Neal Ford’s keynote on domain specific languages.  Neal’s a great speaker with a lot of great content.  (He also mixed examples of classic Greek art in among his technical discussion — and actually tied it in!)

I also sat in on Scott Ambler’s killer presentation on OpenUP, a great process framework which has a lot of Rational’s RUP, but is much lighter and more Agile-y.  Highly useful, and something I’m going to look at more closely.

(And on an interesting note, Josh Holmes said he’d shave his head if Technorati shows 500 posts about CodeMash by tomorrow evening — and Brian Prince said he’d do his if we hit 600.  It will be interesting to see if they’re still hirsute come Saturday morning…)

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