Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our First Interview!

James and I just finished up an interview with Michael Kimsal, host of the WebDevRadio podcast series.  I met Michael at CodeMash where he was bouncing around various sessions and interviewing folks like Joe Brinkman and other folks way smarter than me.

Michael, James, and I spent 50 minutes or so discussing various aspects of Windows Developer Power Tools and what it was like to write the book.  The podcast was a lot of fun to do, and pretty interesting since it was my first-ever interview like that.  We did the interview via a three-way conference call over Skype — another first for me since I’ve <gasp/> never used Skype before.

Michael says the ‘cast should be up near the end of next week or early the following week.  I’ll be sure to brag^H^H^H^Hpost about it when the ‘cast is live.


Dan Hounshell said...

Excellent, Jim. I can't wait to hear the podcast. Keep us posted.

Michael Letterle said...

Looking forward to listening to it. I'll be sure to write something up after I hear it! :)

Michael Kimsal said...

The interview is up now at

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