Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We've Been Hanselized

Scott Hanselman is one very busy guy who is a serious geek in all things techogadgetry.  He was kind enough to put in some serious technical reviewing on Windows Developer Power Tools for us and work was some serious tough love but needed in order to help mould the book into the great shape it’s in.  He also wrote a nice foreword to the book where he reminisces about many of the same tools I used long ago: QEMM, Stacker, Norton Desktop, and a passle of those widgets that were so helpful and are now relegated to dusty corners of a 5” floppy disk cabinet.

Scott talks a bit about the exchanges we had during the review process, but seems to have taken my comments on his comments in good stride.

James and I got incredibly lucky with having great folks like Scott, Bill Wagner, Sam Gentile, Marc Holmes, and a number of other great folks on board as technical reviewers.  The book’s high quality is directly due to feedback from them and others!

Many thanks to the reviewers and of course the contributing authors who helped shape this book.

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