Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Infamous Five Things

So I got tagged by Dustin Campbell, Jason Follas, and Dan Hounshell for the “Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me and Likely Didn’t Care About” meme.  Here goes:

  1. I used to have a five hour per day commute when my wife and I lived in Germany years ago. It sucked. I've got two hours on the road now. That still sucks, but much less than five hours.
  2. I used to write an online column about wine and food called “Jim’s Kitchen” when I was a member of CompuServe’s Wine Forum.  It’s not this Jim’s Kitchen, nor was it in this usurper of the true, old Wine Forum.
  3. My best moment ever, besides getting married or seeing my kids born, was leading a team which won the Elmendorf Air Force Base volleyball championship in 1991.  I was a player/coach with a great group of guys who weren’t the best athletes, but gelled as a team and worked their butts off.  We beat a group of great athletes who were a bunch of cocky, undisciplined, and completely ego-centric assholes.  Critical Lesson Learned: Hard work, passion, teamwork, and dedication will almost always triumph.  I still count that championship as my top non-family moment ever.  Unfortunately that same group of jerks beat us the next year, but I had a different mix of team members and I didn’t do a good a job of leading them.  Good lesson there, but that’s for another story sometime.
  4. I’m a fan of The Greatest Secret Agent in the World.
  5. I once was a part of the greatest drum and bugle corps around: The Keesler Blue Knights.  Don’t even think about asking me to pick up a horn these days — I wasn’t that good then, and it’s been, uh, a lot of years since then.

Folks to tag: Josh Holmes, James Avery, Dave Donaldson, Brian Prince, and John Hopkins.

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Haacked said...

Elmendorf! I lived on Elmendorf AFB in 91. We lived in the Hospital Housing area.

What a coincidence. Was this a squadron tournament?

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