Wednesday, April 12, 2006

ReSharper 2.0 Key Shortcuts

ReSharper 2.0’s EAP is just killer.  Wonderful, wonderful stuff and I’m barely scratching the surface with it.  One of the few downers is the lack of a keyboard shortcut file.  Somebody on the EAP newsgroup asked about one, which prodded me to stop whining about the lack of one and just make the dang thing. 

Voila!  In shiny PDF if you’re interested:

Or an Excel version if you don't like the format and want to change it yourself:

Errors are my fault, not JetBrains’.  Feedback welcome.


Anonymous said...

Neither of these documents would open successfully after downloading...?

Jim Holmes said...

Sorry, both were deleted since ReSharper released their "official" version.

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