Thursday, April 27, 2006

Great Stuff from Bill Wagner

Bill Wagner, author of the incredible work Effective C#,was kind enough to drive all the way down from Ann Arbor (or close by) to talk at the Dayton .NET Developers Group last night.

He gave a great presentation on, well, effective C#.  It was a terrific talk covering everything from architectural choices to good idioms to why developers really, really need to push their management to move on from the 1.1 Framework and start using goodness out of the 2.0 Framework — his practical examples of how generics can go beyond just collections was terrific.

I hope to have Bill’s slide deck and example code up on the group’s homepage soon.

Many thanks to Bill for spending seven hours on the road yesterday to talk here for a bit under two hours!


Dan Hounshell said...

I agree - great presentation. Bill Wagner covered some good material in an interesting manner. I now have a much better understanding of the garbage collector and how it works. I'm not sure if Bill is giving the same presentation at the upcoming Ann Arbor Day of .NET, but in either case I recommend attending his session.

Jim, what a coup - Bill Wagner, Rob Keefer, Sam Gentile, and then Joe Wirtley and Dan Hounshell :) - all in a span of 4 months. You are a master .NET user group organizer! I guess that MVP award isn't just bling!

Much appreciation and thanks to Bill Wagner for making the round trip drive to provide his presentation for the Dayton .NET group. I don't currently own a copy of Effective C#, but I will be buying one soon!

Jim Holmes said...

Thanks for your kind words, Dan. It's been a lot of work, but Holy Smokes! What a great reward it is to see a bunch of folks fired up during and after a great presentation.

I am very much looking forward to you and Joe hitting your CI gig. I *love* that kind of stuff!

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