Thursday, April 20, 2006

Oi! Writer's Block Stinks

For the most part, I’m having a great working on my book, but I’ve already run into writer’s block a couple times.  The latest round has been while working on a piece about AnkhSVN, a great plugin for Visual Studio which brings the whole Subversion flow right into your VS IDE.  AnhkSVN is nice and it’s got a lot of nice features, but I’m just completely blocked on knocking out the piece.

I’ve fallen back to the most basic of writing steps: building a skeleton via outlining, then moving on from there.  Over the years I’ve been writing I’ve gotten to the point where I do this in my head and don’t have to scratch it out on paper.  This AnhkSVN piece has forced me to revert back to fundamentals.  I’m also going to get the initial draft finished off and leave it alone for a few days to give myself a break from it.

I am SO looking forward to putting the nail in this coffin later today and getting the piece off out of my writing queue!

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