Thursday, April 27, 2006

Getting Explorer to Launch in Admin Context

I run and develop as a basic user, not as an Admin.  (You ought to seriously consider this if you’re still developing as an Admin user, but I digress.)  I use Aaron Margosis’s MakeMeAdmin command file to fire up an Admin command session, and from there I can launch Explorer windows if I need to do something GUI-related.  I use Margosis’s PrivBar to highlight Explorer windows running in the Admin context to help me avoid doing something Really Stupid.

So today I’m working on configuring the nice Tablet PC I bought from James the other day, and I was having difficulty getting Explorer to launch correctly from an admin command line session.  Every Explorer window I launched was showing up in the regular user context.  What’s up with that?

A quick Google on Margosis’s PrivBar and Explorer came up with the answer: I’d forgotten to tell Explorer to launch each instance in new process.  Oops.  Quick fix.

Aaron Margosis' WebLog : RunAs with Explorer.

Take a good look at Margosis’s tools if you’re working as an Admin.  His widgets make life as a LUA developer smooth and productive.

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