Thursday, April 27, 2006

Intro To Security Presentation

I gave my Intro to Security presentation tonight at the Central Ohio .NET Developers Group in Columbus.  It went nicely and folks politely stayed awake through what can be a pretty dry topic…  I got good feedback on the format and content, which was a nice validation for me.  I’d given this same gig at the Dayton .NET Developers Group, but that’s my home turf; they humor me a lot there.  I also got a couple great feedback items which will help me tune the presentation for the next time.

I had a couple folks ask about the font I used in my slide deck.  It’s the P22 Typewriter font available from the International House of Fonts.  No clue if they spawned or were spawned from IHOP

Regardless, the font is a great one for presentations.  I got the font idea and general style of my presentation from Larry Lessig’s talk at OSCON.  Dick Hardt also has a great talk on Identity 2.0 from his OSCON presentation.

Code and slides from my presentation can be found at my website.

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