Monday, April 10, 2006

Good Take on Interview Questions

I've had to do plenty of interviewing in my career — part of the deal when I’ve had to move around following my wife.  I consider myself a pretty good interviewee, but I learned a whole lot from reading through this useful post:

GoodRecruits: 25 Most Difficult Job Interview Questions (and their answers).

As with everything in life, think hard about how these may apply to you.  For example, I spend more than a minute or two on the inevitable “Tell me about yourself” question.  I’ve done a wide range of things in my career and I try to pull out tidbits from my past which are pertinent to the job I’m interviewing for.  I’d guess I usually spend between three to five minutes on this one.

Regardless of that example, take a gander at the post.  It’s a very worthwhile read.

Via Jason Haley’s Interesting Finds.


Robert Merrill said...

Frazzled, thanks for the link!

Yesterday in an interview, I asked someone to tell me about themself and I got exactly that... and it wasn't related at all to business... at all. A lot about how they grew up right here in the same town and they really do want to move someday, but they're not quite sure where to go to...


They thought it was small-talk. Nope. I was looking to see how well they could turn an ordinary conversation into a RELEVANT conversation.

Take care!

pay to have someone write a paper said...

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