Monday, May 30, 2005

YASR (Yet Another Sith Review) (But This One's Good)

Check out John Scalzi's thoughts on Revenge of the Sith. Scalzi's got some terrific thoughts on Lucas' impact on filmmaking, merchandizing, CGI, sound, and a host of other matters. Scalzi hits hard the many problems with episodes I-III, but not in a snarky way. There's also some interesting thoughts on the future of the Star Wars juggernaut, including this terrific set of sentances finishing off Scalzi's post: "Lucas, who I think is well pleased to finally wash his hands of the Star Wars universe, is likely to have minimal involvement. That means there's an excellent chance some good writers and decent directors will creep back into the Star Wars universe and make it finally live up to its potential. A new hope, indeed."

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