Thursday, May 12, 2005

All's Really Not Quiet Here

I haven't posted anything in the last couple days simply because it's been a madhouse. I've been dashing about doing the usual FrazzledDad chores of running my daughter around, chasing my son around, chasing the cats around, etc., but I've also been spinning up something big in my life: a single-member limited liability corporation. Yes, it's true: I'm now a small businessman. I'm going down this path simply because I think it offers me the best chance to get part-time work from home over the next 15 or so months. I think it also offers me a terrific vehicle to complete certifications and perhaps more education. Paperwork for registering the LLC went off in the mail Wednesday afternoon. I'm hoping to hear something back in the next few days -- I had to expedite things because of another possible Big Event which I can't talk about quite yet. (Dave Donaldson's not the only one who can be mysterious. Heh.) I've also been hitting my study material fairly hard. The Transcender tests have been spanking me nastily on everything relating to databases (DataSets, DataViews, Commands, etc.), but I haven't even gotten that far in my books. Attempts at linking ADO.NET and .NET's SQL stuff to my past experience with JDBC and Oracle/Sybase/MySQL will only go so far... Overall, I'm fairly pleased with my progress, especially since the eight yards of mulch in my driveway are almost gone. Amazing how long it takes to get a couple wheelbarrows of mulch moved when you've got a ten-month-old in a baby backpack and a 4.83 year old running around your feet and wanting a ride in the wheelbarrow every time you move it.

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