Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Playing With CSS and Paintshop

I spent part of yesterday and much of today fooling around with getting my LLC's website up and running. The graphics and colors are still quite rough, but hey, it's an iterative process. Boy, there's nothing like trying to do something fancy with CSS to make you learn CSS. There are still some rough band-aids on the styling, but I am fairly pleased with the general layout. I still need to re-read sections of Meyer's Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition, particularly the details of how text flows. I'm not happy with the h1 and h2 blocks not resizing, but I couldn't figure out what I changed from when they were working. Rat farts. I'll dope it out soon. I'm also not happy with some of the duplicated properties I've got scattered throughout the sheet, particularly those dealing with block and border sizes. I wish there was some way to declare constants and reference those values in the properties themselves. This is a bit too much like the awful "magic number" issue which crops up in far too much software code. The rose graphic is an initial cut from a friend who's a real artist. I'm looking forward to seeing what her final work is. I'm paying her in home roasted coffee; she and her husband both seem very pleased with the barter deal -- and I'm sure I'm getting the best out of the deal by far.

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