Saturday, May 07, 2005

Great Study Tool

Yesterday I bought and installed the MCSD study pack from Transcender. It's not cheap, but I used a couple Transcender modules years ago when working through my MCSE and I thought they were worth the money. The content seems good, and there are a passle of options for narrowing down topics, handy for focusing on weak areas. The flashcard interface is a bit clunky, requiring too many mouse actions to get from one card to another. I'd rather everything was hotkeyed so I could just blast through the cards like the Flash. The reporting's nice, showing a breakdown of the scores in each area. I took a self-assesment for test 70-316, developing apps in C#, and was pleased at my results. I'm not ready for the real test yet, but I'm not too far away. I've been a bit wigged out at how large a mountain I had to climb moving into the .NET world. This self-assesment eased those fears quite a bit. My OO knowledge, database/SQL experience, and other programming fundamentals were all of use in the test. There were also two RTFQ tricks. One I caught, one was a head-slapper during review. I remember a couple tricky RTFQ items during my MCSE tests; this was just a good reminder that one needs to carefully read and understand the problem before answering. Kind of like real software development, no? IAC, it looks like the Transcender tests will be a good tool for me.

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