Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Torture Is...

having three boxes in the front hallway with parts for my new computer. And not being able to put the toy together until I pass the first test for my MCSD. I'm forcing myself to wait until the afternoon of 6 June to start putting pieces together. Maybe I'd best not even open boxes to RTFM yet. The horror. For those interested, I've got an ASUS P4P800-E motherboard, P4 3.4E GHz (Prescott socket 478), 2GB RAM (1GB modules from Crucial), a 300GB Seagate Barracuda S-ATA 7200RPM drive, and an ATI Radeon 9800Pro video card. All that's going in an Antec Solution 1650 minitower case with TAC (Thermally Advanced Chassis) with a side vent right over the heat-producing monstrous processor. I still need to pick up a Plextor PX-716 DVD+-RW drive and a KVM switch to flip between my existing system. The Radeon 9800 supports dual monitors, but I'm forcing myself to wait for a second monitor until I get a gig and a paycheck!

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