Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Metrics From our Camp

I just finished compiling results from our Dayton-Cincinnati Code Camp and I’m pretty pleased!  Attendees rated speakers on a 1 to 5 scale on the speaker’s skill, the topic’s content, the topic’s interest, and whether the presentation was at the right level.

Overall, if my statistical approach was close to correct, the combined rating of our speakers was 4.04 out of 5.0.  I think that shows what great speakers we’ve got in the region, and how lucky we were to have so many terrific presenters.  At least six of the presenters were Microsoft MVPs of one ilk or another, and many are highly respected folks in their corners of the industry.  Wow.

We also benefitted by having the Camp on a Saturday, too.  This meant our audience was giving up a day off to come do geeky things — only motivated, interested geeks will get up at 8:00am on a Saturday for a day-long conference.

We asked three questions on whether the Camp met attendees’ expectations, if it was educational, and whether they’d attend another one. Answers to those were 4.42, 4.45, and 4.55, respectively.  Way cool.  Way, way cool!

Perhaps the best feedback I read was from one person who said "Very well organized.  I've been to similar things that we had to pay for that weren't as well organized."  That made me feel almost as good as hearing all the energized folks coming out of the various sessions.

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