Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dayton-Cincinnati Code Camp a Big Success!

Holy smokes, things at today’s Dayton-Cincinnati Code Camp couldn’t have turned out much better!  Somewhere between 130 and 140 folks showed up for 24 sessions presented by a passle of great speakers.  We had a couple minor hitches, but nothing that our backup plans couldn’t handle.  For the most part, all the attendees seemed very happy with the Camp.

Events like this are exhausting to organize, but wow, what a great reward to step into a session room and see a bunch of folks fired up about expanding skills and knowledge.  Every session I stopped by today seemed that way, and I really fed off all that energy.

This event was a success for any number of reasons, but it was particuarly made successful by the help and support of a lot of folks.  In no particular order, that list would include John Hopkins, president of the Great Lakes .NET Users Group, who drove four hours down here not to attend sessions, but to hang out and help with everything from registration to moving whiteboards around — dude, you rock! Matt and the folks at Pillar Technology who paid for the great facility; James Avery, who really helped form the vision of the event and convinced me that swinging for the fence (four tracks of six sessions!!) was the way to go; Drew Robbins and Microsoft who bought lunch for everyone and gave us plenty of other support as well; Dave Donaldson, who stepped up to help fill in part of the funding hole we were in; all the amazing speakers we had who did a fantastic job presenting topics ranging from Python/Iron Python to Architecture in .NET.

There are plenty of other folks and sponsors who I’ve left off the list and I apologize.  I’ll use exhaustion as an excuse for missing you.  Suffice it to say I am incredibly happy at how well things turned out and it’s all due to the great help I had from a large number of folks.

I’ll get started on organizing another Code Camp sometime after I wake up in a couple weeks.

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