Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Virtual PC Not Detecting NIC

I’m setting up a VPC for some SharePoint work and it wasn’t finding my laptop’s network card during configuration.  Bummer.  No clue what’s going on here — it was finding the wireless card OK, but I need to run over the hardwired NIC.

Google and Ben Day to the rescue: futz around with Virtual Machine Network Services for the adapter.  VMNS (because you can’t have enough acryonyms) was enabled on my wired NIC, the Cisco VPN client, and my wireless NIC.  (Check Control Panel -> Network Connections)  I disabled it from the wired NIC, saved the settings, enabled it again and Poof! I’m able to use the wired adapter in VPC.

Thanks, Ben!

(Wonder if he’s related to Green Day.)

Now Playing: Thin Lizzy — Jailbreak.  I forgot about these guys for decades.  Nice to have stumbled across them again.


Anonymous said...

In my pc the os is rhel-as-4 but my pc is not detecting nic. What is the problem?

Jim Holmes said...

Sorry, can't help you. I haven't worked the Linux side of things in several years.

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Eron Hossain said...

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