Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy to Not Have Ted Stevens as my Senator Anymore

You may or may not follow politics.  Pass over this if you don't care about government shenanigans.

Ted Stevens, one of Alaska's "fine" government representatives, has been smoked out as the senator who put a secret hold on a bill that would have opened up much of the government's spending by creating a publicly accessible database of nearly all government expenditures and who authorized them. 

I was an Alaskan resident until 2004 when I changed my residency here to Ohio.  I was very happy then to leave behind the three Alaskan Congressmen: Frank Murkowski, Don Young, and Ted.  Stevens has utter disdain for citizens who question his role in the exploding Federal expenditures.  I'm happy to see his sneaky manners have been exposed. 

Alaskans got smart this year and gave Frank Murkowski the boot from the govenor's office.  He'd left the senate to wage a sucessful bid for the governor's office, then appointed his daughter to fill his vacant senate seat.  Hopefully Alaskans will give Stevens the same treatment in the next elections.

Good info on Stevens' actions at Mark Tapscott's blog, or at The Palm Beach Post.

(via Instapundit, among others.)


Haacked said...

Did I know you were an Alaskan resident? I was one too. My family still lives there.

Jim Holmes said...

Your past Alaskan-ness seems a familiar topic, Phil, so I think we've discussed it at some point. However, I can't remember where you said you'd lived.

Pam's still an AK resident (or at least for another four weeks until she retires from the military and has to change to Ohio), and we still own a couple acres of land not far from Wasilla. No clue if we'll ever head back up there, but we sure loved the years we spent there. (And I *badly* miss fresh halibut caught off a boat out of Homer. Sigh.)

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