Saturday, August 19, 2006

Book Update: Final Draft Chapters Available

We’ve had a couple rough draft chapters from our book available for a bit — now you can read the final draft versions of Chapter 10 (Testing Your Software) and Chapter 14 (Tracking Bugs, Changes, and Other Issues).

All the chapters in the book have undergone significant revisions from the first draft versions.  We’ve completely redone the introduction, fleshing it out more to do a better job of making the case how these tools can save you time, help boost your producivity, and increase your code’s quality.

We’ve also restructured each article so that they’re fairly similar in how they present their material.  Each tool article follows this general structure:

  • Introduction
  • Summary table (where to get it, which version we’re covering, what it does, etc.)
  • Getting Started
    • Requirements
    • Installation
  • Using <the tool> (the meat and potatoes of the article, with pictures, even!)
  • See Also (other cool stuff in the book along similar veins)
  • Getting Support
  • <the tool> in a Nutshell

James and I are pretty excited about the book’s final shape.  Hopefully you’ll find it of value!

(Failing that, just buy lots of copies so I can get my kids through college, OK?)

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