Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hitting the Final Stretch

Blogging has been sporadic of late, and often nothing more than regurtitated links to good stuff other folks have written about.

James and I are in the last stretch for work on the book and we’re crushing to hit our final deadline.  Actually, that’s come and gone, but we’ll have 100% of the book finalized and off to the Production folks at O’Reilly by Friday the 18th come Hell or high water.  We’ve been pushed back for a couple reasons, mostly last-minute restructuring and edits our senior editor asked us to do. 

It was frustrating as all get out to have this hit so late in the game but, putting my tetchy whining aside, it’s making the book way more better.  (“’Way more better?’  You want me to pay money for your book when you write like that?”  Heh. You bet.)  Each article’s doing a lot better job of flowing through in a regular fashion, so readers will have a lot more consistent and productive reading experience.  (Reading experience.  Heh.  If it works for software it ought to work for books.)

We’ve also drastically reworked the chapter introductions, thanks to pointed, spot-on comments from our tech reviewers.  The introductions now do a lot better job of discussing the general topics and concepts in a chapter, so readers will have a better grasp on the fundamentals as they press through the articles.

Oh, by the way, our list of tech reviewers includes a bunch of Really Smart Folks.  I’m absolutely amazed at the folks who signed up to review this beast: Sam Gentile, Jason Follas, Daren May, Patrick Cauldwell, Marc Holmes, Scott Hanselman (yep, him), and Bill Wagner (Bill Wagner!!).  Mitch Wheat also caught a number of great things from the chapters I posted up on my biz site.

We’ve busted our butts on this book, and I hope you folks who buy it will feel you got your money’s worth.

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