Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Two Rants on Visual Source Safe

Jeff Atwood started the latest rant on Visual Source Safe and then Phil Haack took the ball and ran with it.  The posts are only mini-rants and have some good info, plus a couple links to other good stuff like Eric Sink’s most excellent treatsie on working with Source Control.

I’m not a VSS fan at all, preferring Subversion for the projects I’ve been working on—but I will say that Brian Prince, a guy I’ve lots of respect for, has had fine success with VSS at his company.  Brian and his team follow the practices laid out in Microsoft’s white paper on enterprise development with VSS and haven’t had any problems — but it seems to me they’re in the minority. (Sorry, couldn’t find a link for that paper.)


Update: Fixed typo in Phil’s last name.  Mea culpa, dude.


Phil Haack said...

Typo on my last name there. ;)

Jim Holmes said...


Sorry about that. I've got an old friend who spells his last name Haak, which is a measley excuse, but there you have it.

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