Thursday, August 03, 2006

My First Few Days

So here I am at Thursday, starting my fourth day at my new job with NuSoft

Initial thoughts?  I am so over my head with work to do and new technologies to get up to speed on — and you know what?  That’s a great place to be.  I love challenges and am really pumped up about all the cool stuff I’ll be working with in short order.

I’m also really fortunate to have gotten on a company with a bunch of incredibly smart folks.  I was out for dinner last night with a few colleagues and one relative newcomer said “You know what?  This is the first place I’ve been where when you’re in the room with co-workers it’s usually a good idea to just shut up and listen.”  He was talking about the knowledge level of the folks on various teams and he’s right.

Lots of work, lots of challenges, lots of exciting stuff to do.

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