Saturday, July 01, 2006

TaskSwitchXP Goodness

It helps to re-RTFM every once in awhile.  TaskSwitchXP, if you aren’t using it already, is a killer replacement for normal Windows Alt-Tab task switching.  Lots of shiny goodness, lots of configuration options for you to play with.

I didn’t realize, however, that you could use Ctrl-Alt-Tab to isolate task switching between all instances of the app currently in the foreground.  For instance, I’ve always got a crapload of Notepad instances open among the 15 or so apps I’m often running.  Using Ctrl-Alt-Tab gives me a nice focused list like this:


Now Playing: The Strokes — This is It.  Wow, great Punk/Indie/cool stuff.  The Barely Legal cut has a terrific riff going on, and for some reason it’s stuck in my Rhapsody stream and keeps replaying again and again and again.

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