Monday, July 24, 2006

SnagIt Roolz!

I’ve been using SnagIt from TechSmith for a number of months now and it is simply a killer screen capture tool!  It’s been a breeze to use it for the hundreds (literally) of screenshots I’ve done for the book — it’s saved me hours of work compared to dealing with Paint which is just a joke.

Plus, SnagIt has a bunch of great features like a Flickr profile which lets me upload screenshots right to Flickr.  Now that’s cool!

Better still, SnagIt provides a printer driver which lets you print anything as an image.  This scored me big time Wife Points tonight as I did some SnagIt magic which let me get a page from a PDF file she had into an image which she could then easily insert into a Word document she’s working on.  (Hat tip for that trick to Graham Mayor’s very helpful tips site.)

(Disclaimer: I got SnagIt as a speaker gift from TechSmith for speaking at the Day of .NET this last May.)


Anonymous said...

I think you can do just about all that stuff with Cropper, too. There's a Flickr plugin, a send to printer plugin, a send to clipboard plugin, etc.

Jim Holmes said...

I've used Cropper, even wrote an article about if for my book -- but it's just never grabbed me anywhere near as much as SnagIt has. (But Cropper's price sure is right...)

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