Friday, July 21, 2006

The Only Thing Worse

… than the pain of returning to jogging after a layoff of many months is the pain of getting back out on the second day of returning to jogging.


(Actually, not pain but soreness — but that just doesn’t sound quite as good or evoke as much sympathy.  What?  No sympathy?  Feh.)


Anonymous said...

Sorry buddy, but you'll have to do better than that. Maybe make up a story about being attacked by a mutant cat. Nobody likes cats.

Jim Holmes said...

Good thing my cat-fanatic wife doesn't read my blog, otherwise you'd have one Cheesehead seriously pissed off at you!

Anonymous said...

Jim, I do feel your pain. I will be following your lead soon - but my layoff has been more than a couple of months - it has been about three years. Arrghhhhh.

Jim Holmes said...

Dan, note that I was very vague by specifiying "many months." You're welcome to define that yourself, but I'll admit that it's more than "a couple."

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