Monday, July 17, 2006

More Annoying Keyhole Stupidity

The bloggers on MSDN are a killer resource for us geeks.  The default mail links on those pages are a killer pain in the backside.  To wit:

Note that I even used IE to view this page, not my default Firefox browser.

This happens time and time again on MSDN blogs.  I end up launching Notepad2 to write the message, then paste it into that stupid little message block and hope it took correctly because I sure as hell ain’t gonna scroll through the entire message to read it one or two words per line…


Anonymous said...

MS people are stupid in many cases, they really DO NOT use their brain at times.

Jim Holmes said...

This post wasn't solely about MS bloggers. (Or at least wasn't meant to be, although my ire let it come across that way.) Keyhole issues are rampant in way too many venues outside MS as well.

Scott Meyers has a terrific presentation on keyholes:

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