Friday, July 08, 2005

"You're Out of Your Tiny Minds"

This Letter To The Terrorists, From London may be one of the best things I've seen written about yesterday's horrible bombings. One of the worst things (and there's inanity aplenty on both sides of the political spectrum) I've read was Gwynne Dyer's column in today's Dayton Daily News. (Sorry, it's not online at the DDN's site, nor can I find it elsewhere.) Dyer, who holds a doctorate in military and Middle Eastern history and a masters in history, talks about how the bombings of London in WWII were not because of the Brits' way of life, but rather because of British policies abroad. He goes on that "the people who organized teh bombs wanted Britain out of the Second World War." Seems to me Hitler was pretty bent on putting all of Europe, and eventually the world, under his Nazi party's boot. The scum in Germany those days weren't just looking to be left alone, they were looking to take over the world. The fascist, murdering scum masquerading as Islamists these days aren't looking to be left alone, they're looking to take over the world. Dyer's got education aplenty. It's apparent he's either got no smarts, or is one of the many talking heads who starts first with an opinion and then looks to distort facts to fit their assumptions.

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