Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy July 4th!

Celebrate the founding of our country on July 4th, 1776. Celebrate the founding of a creaky, ever-developing, wonderful experiment called representative democracy. Celebrate the founders who risked all to create this beautiful thing called the United States of America. Celebrate a land where lefty polemics like Michael Moore can make anti-government propaganda films staggering in their dishonesty (see also Leni Riefenstahl) and not only stay out of prison but make millions while doing so. Celebrate a land where conservative polemics like Ann Coulter write empty hyperbole and get action figure dolls modeled after them. Celebrate a land holding cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and a myraid of others where people of amazingly diverse backgrounds live in relative tolerance. (Sure, we have issues here, but compare us to Rwanda, Boznia, etc.) Celebrate a land reviled by students of hate-filled Islamic massadrases, yet so loved by masses of others around the world that they'll risk stowing away in cargo containers to escape oppression in their native homelands for a chance at opportunity in this land. Celebrate a land where a Hungarian immigrant can create a wealth of billions by shady dealings in financial markets and spend 28 million of those dollars creating disengenuous, hate-filled organizations in an attempt to unseat our President. Hey, Soros: I'm a starving developer with a family and a mortgage. How about giving me some of that money? Celebrate a land where an Austrian immigrant can land on our shores with lint in his pocket, yet rise to the top of Hollywood and govern the nation's most populous state. (And have an action figure doll made after him.) Celebrate this land called the United States of America. Long may her amber waves of grain and alabaster cities serve as a shining beacon to those wanting liberty and freedom.

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